Alone! Not As I Planned

I had an activity all planned for Tristan. The nighttime Easter egg hunt. It is a neat activity to do. I loaded the 20 easter eggs with mini LED lights and placed them in the FRONT yard. Ooohhh it looked so pretty too!

This is a repeat “toddler” activity meaning, we can repeat it several times: Tristan loves it!

We did this the past weekend. I was sure Tristan would enjoy this again tonight.
After getting this all set up outside, I went to Tristan’s room to invite him to go on an egg hunt. I got no participation from him. Zero. He was resting and about to fall asleep! I waited 10 minutes to see if he changed his mind. No luck!

Ten minutes later, I returned outside to the FRONT yard to collect the glowing Easter eggs. Thought to myself that if the neighbors are watching they probably think I have lost my mind! This lady is doing an Easter egg hunt! I chuckled to myself.

I returned inside and said to my husband, “Glad I kept myself busy with an Easter egg hunt activity for the past 20 minutes.”

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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