The Great Debate

We took Tristan to his weekly restaurant request –McDonald’s. Tristan loves his order of chicken nuggets, french fries, chocolate milk, and a cookie. Not to mention the barbeque sauce. He loves McDonald’s sauce. In fact, we used to request several packets of bbq sauce with each order. He trained us! Then the amount got a little bit out of control. We scaled back and offered ketchup instead. This worked for a while.

During our outing, Tristan communicated (with his communication device) that he would like more bbq sauce. There were two unopened containers at the start of his meal. Brian and I assured Tristan that if he needed more, then we would be happy to ask for more at the counter. While e were enjoying our meal, we noticed that Tristan only had his chocolate chip cookie left. He pressed the button on his device for bbq sauce. Brian and I looked at his tray, and one asked Tristan, “What do you want bbq sauce for? You have no chicken nuggets or french fries left.” That was not a sufficient answer to his request. Tristan was insisting on more bbq sauce. At this point, Brian and I laughed out loud. Brian and I looked at each other and agreed that this was no debate. Brian went to the counter and got more sauce. 

Tristan was well aware that there were fries still at the table, even if they were not his. He just needed some more sauce for those fries. He stared at Brian’s french fries. Quickly they became Tristan’s fries to go with the bbq sauce. 

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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