It Never Fails…

No, Nope, Negative, Exclamation, Never

In these cold winter months, our activities are limited when Tristan is home on the weekends.  We have discovered taking him to the movie theatre is enjoyable for the three of us.  We pick kids movies with songs.  Even so, we know he is only paying attention to portions of the movie and that is fine.  We know his ultimate goal is to empty the popcorn tub and consume his pop!  We have begun requesting smaller portions to out smart him.  One thing never fails, Continue reading

The Secret Code Part 1

Remember the toddler stage of speech for children?  That is when close family and friends can interpret the words or phrases?  Our house is no exception!  Tristan has been in the toddler phase of speech for 11 years.

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One day when our friend was helping us with Tristan. Brian quickly gave Tristan a verbal clue to stop.  Brian said, “Bep!”  Immediately Tristan stopped and did not go into a room that he is not allowed to enter.

Our friend said, “Bep!  That is the word I needed to have for him to stop?  This information would be useful to know!”

Brian explained, “Yes that is Tristan’s version of stop.  Sorry, we didn’t fill you on it.”

We all kind of chuckled.  It made me think, “What else do we say that is code?”

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

A Tristan Invention

art supply

A few months ago, Tristan was into decorating the patio door with his art.  He ran out of tape to hang up his art work.  He ran out of stickers.  This didn’t stop him.  He found another method of hanging his pictures.  You would never guess in a million years that Vaseline worked!  He would just put a glob on the back of his picture and stick it to the window.  I am always amazed at his problem solving ability.  This amazing ability only works, of course, on problems HE wants to solve.  I was pretty impressed and thought it was rather cute. …UNTIL it was time to clean up the mess.  Slowly I have worked on cleaning off the Vaseline from the patio door in sections.  I still have one section to go.  Now that some time has past since his project, it is not so amusing or cute.  LOL! Another healthy dose of laughter from our home.