Practical Tip #4- Grade Your Day

After going through the book Simplify Your Life by Marcia Ramsland, I realized how beneficial it was to grade my day!  An “A” day is everyone getting enough sleep and no one is sick.  Life seems relatively normal.  House work is able to be completed.  Tristan is having a good day-no major behavioral challenges.  A “B” day is someone did not get enough sleep, someone is sick, and/or there are behavior challenges to contend with.  Housework may be partially completed–and that is OK!  It is time to roll with the punches of life.  A “C” day is survival mode.  Life is not running smooth for a variety of reasons.  This means you have to go with the flow of life.   Realize this will not last forever.  It could be a day, a week or several weeks.   For example, we could count on January, February, and March being more difficult months for us.  Tristan would have difficulty sleeping through the night.  That meant we were up  nights.  When we realized the pattern we were able to adjust accordingly.