His Art Choice!

I wish my son, Tristan,  could talk.  I want to understand how he processes life.  It is one of the great mysteries of raising a non-verbal son.

Sometimes I can see in his eyes small glimpses oh how he thinks.  I have to watch him very carefully to pick up on different facial expressions- usually very subtle.

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“Every Child Is An Artist.” Pablo Picasso

In the past few days, he has used 3 rolls of tape.  This afternoon, I gave him my last roll of tape.  Tristan has used an enormous amount of paper.  Some sheets he will cut one line and then toss it on the floor. Therefore, I am trying to recycle the recycled paper!


I guess Tristan does not want us to use the refrigerator.
I guess Tristan does not want us to use the refrigerator.
I think the back door is off limits too!
I think the back door is off-limits too!

At times his art gets a little out of control.  Last week, I had to remind him to only draw on paper and not the vinyl flooring! Today I had to tell him that we do not tape bread to the window.  Sometimes it is really challenging to correct him without laughing.  I think he knows it is funny because he will start laughing… then I do too!

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!