Free Time, Food, & Favorites

Despite our family crisis with Tristan’s care, our home is still quite lively.  It is interesting to hear the comments from our teenager’s.  Here’s a snapshot of some recent conversations.


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Celebrating a First- Friendship

I think it is important for me to share some of the “firsts” that we celebrate with Tristan.  We never know when one will occur. Life with autism is full of surprises. Enjoy a “first” from our home!

One Friday night in May, Brian and I were making dinner.  Then we heard a knock on the door, tap tap tap.  We both looked at the front door, and through the window, we could see a child standing there.

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Secret Code Part 2

When our 12-year-old son, A.T., joined our family in November, it was quite an adjustment.  A.T. was not familiar with autism.  We have tried our best in teaching him what autism is and who Tristan is as a person.  We know this has not been an easy adjustment.  However, the other day A.T. shared his views, and I was laughing so hard.  A.T. was sharing how he is trying hard to understand Tristan’s communications.  Here is A.T.’s insight:

Image result for secret code

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LOL–Really Laugh Out Loud!

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Over the years we have had some awesome people come alongside our family.  Lyndsey was one of them.  She watched Tristan from time to time so my husband and I could go on dates.  Last month she posted this story on her Facebook page.  I was really laughing out loud.  I thought I would share with everyone.  So if you need a dose of humor read this!
Lyndsey Miller

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