Mickey Mouse Club


We had a little problem in our home.  It seems the Mickey Mouse Club had moved in one day.  I remember a few nights waking up and not being able to sleep.  I would go in the kitchen and read.  I would hear something in the cabinets, but was to tired to check and see what it was. Then I would forget to tell Brian in the morning.  This cycle repeated several times.  Until….one day we KNEW we had mice to contend with.  Brian decided that mouse traps would be the strategy.  Brian was careful where to put them.  In the cabinets they went with some peanut butter.   Soon after, Tristan found one.  He was attracted by the peanut butter on one.  He started to go to the pantry cabinet and said, “cracker”,   I interrupted and said, “No that peanut butter is not for you it is for the mouse.”  Oh my! I could not believe what I just said!  Tristan just looked at me.  Another healthy dose of laughter from our home.