Celebrating a First-Camping

I know this was a few months ago, but I think it is important to share our “first” moments with everyone.  Everyone might not realize how much these moments mean to us.  We can see how Tristan’s development progresses over time.  Enjoy another “first” from our home.

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Today Tristan participated in the 5th grade recognition program at his school.  Eight of his classmates will be moving up to middle school!  We decided it would be great for Tristan to be part of this night.  Although in the back of our minds we knew full well it may flop, or it may be a success.  Tristan was beaming with excitement as we got ready.  When we got in the car he was all smiles!  He knew it was a special night!


We arrived at school.  When we walked in all together he was excited that Mom and Dad were at his school at the same time!  Brian drops Tristan off in the morning and I (Anne) pick him up daily.

We went to his class and waited for the students and teachers to arrive.  Tristan was calm!  He sat down in a chair and patiently waited!


He did not get into anything in the room!  This is a huge milestone.

The 5th graders entered in the gymnasium.  He did a good job!


He enjoyed the songs the 5th grade students sang.  He was still all smiles standing up with the classes.

He was able to walk (with assistance) to the principal and receive his certificate.  He looked down at it and saw a big sticker.  He tried to take it off.  He is so easy to please!  He was very happy.  We met Tristan at a designated door.  Then we headed to the cafeteria for some cake and punch.



Enjoy a priceless memory from our home!