What happened in the middle of the night…

When I was going through photos I saw one photo and knew I had to share!

Almost every weekend when Tristan is home from his residential school he wakes up in the middle of the night.   This happens 99% of the time.  The ritual unfolds like this…He comes into our room to make his one word request-always a food item. Then, one of us gets out of bed.  Off to the kitchen we go.  We gladly help because of safety concerns.

About a year ago both Brian and I woke up on a Sunday morning.  I asked him if he got up with Tristan.  He replied, “No.”  Then he asked me if I got up with him.  I answered, “No and I feel great. That means we all slept through the night.” Tristan was still sleeping.  Hip Hip Hooray!  He slept through the night!

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