Way To Go, Tristan!


It has been Vacation Bible School week at church.


We have had Tristan attend for several years with lots of assistance.  Each year I see him grow!  He is able to participate in more ways.  One year I had to find a quiet location for him to work on the craft.  This year he was able to complete the crafts in the craft room.  This year he participated in Game time too!  He played “Tag”  for the first time.  Most of us have played this game many times over the course of our childhood.  However, some kids do not. I never really thought much about this until now.  I ran together with Tristan. Tristan was smiling as we chased the other children.  Way to go Tristan! He also played a bean bag toss game. He got a point for his team!  Way to go Tristan!  He was all smiles as we cheered for him. One year he saw the snacks during Game time and had a complete meltdown.  He wanted his snack!  This year, Tristan was able to wait for snacks even though he could see the kitchen volunteers preparing a treat.  Way to go Tristan!   Today during the Bible story time, all the children had sticks to make a pretend campfire.  Tristan watched all the kids place their sticks in the designated pile.  When it was his turn he stood right up, walked over, and carefully laid down his sticks. Way to go Tristan!

Enjoy another priceless moment from our home.

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