Simple Fun!

When Brian and I took Tristan on a walk at a local walking track Tristan stopped and stared at a tree. It took a minute for Brian and me to figure out what Tristan’s non-verbal message was.   It was a crabapple tree and he wanted to eat the apple.  We told him those are not apples for eating.

Then I got excited because he remembered our yearly trips to the apple orchard!  I knew we had to take him on one of our weekend visits.


A few weekends ago,  we were able to visit Garwood Orchard!  It was a beautiful sunny weekend.   Tristan loved riding the wagon out to the fields.  He enjoyed picking the apple off the trees and having an immediate snack,  We worked on counting and let him pick 10 apples to put into his bag.  It was a great family activity.

One observation I have had is that over the years I have seen many special need families at this orchard.  We seem to feel welcome in this environment.   It is great to see this because on a typical outing we don’t see other special needs families.

On a side note a funny story from school…

Brian said he received an email from Tristan’s teacher a couple of weeks earlier. The email stated on the school campus Tristan picked an apple from a tree took one bite and then spit it out. He proceeded to try another apple and repeated the same steps. Apparently, those were crabapples. I thought “How confusing that must have been for Tristan because he doesn’t realize how many different kinds of apples there are!”

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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