You said WHAT?

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE getting a full night of sleep EVERY night.  I do really well with 9 hours of sleep.  I also love naps!  I knew being a parent would mean sleepless nights.  However I could not prepare for the quantity of sleepless nights that comes with a child diagnosed with autism.  Our son functions as a toddler/pre-schooler.  Therefore we are on duty full time when he is awake.  We can never leave him alone for too long (Just read some of my previous posts to see some of the mischief he has gotten into).  That being said, I have said some outrageous things when I was sleeping.  Here is one example:

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Sunday morning around 3 a.m, our oldest son came in our room.  He said, “I just got sick and I need it cleaned up.”

I asked, “Where is it?”

He replied, “In the bathroom.”

I said, “Ok. I will clean it up in the morning.  You can go back to sleep.”

In a frustrated tone he said, “I can’t the bathroom stinks!”

“Okay just shut the bathroom door.” I answered.

“NO, I need i cleaned up NOW!”  He replied.

Then I heard Brian get out of bed and I fell back to sleep.  When I woke up the next morning I remembered what had happened.  I figured all was well with the world, until I asked my son to help me with something.

Immediately he responded, “You want me to help YOU!  You didn’t help me last night.”

I confessed, “I didn’t help you, but the bathroom did get cleaned.  Dad helped you.”

Now he was smiling.  He said, “I asked for you!”

“I know.  I know.  I couldn’t get out of bed,” I responded.

Now we were both smiling and joking.

I shared this story with a friend who responded by saying there is no written law that mom’s are the designated puke cleaners!  I wanted to clap and cheer to that reminder!

Feeling vindicated by my actions, or shall I say lack of actions.  I boldly announced to my family, “Look there is no rule that states I am the designated puke cleaner!”

However I will say that if you see my husband, Brian, he deserves a reward.  He goes above and beyond daily.

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

Next time I will share something I actually said one Christmas Day!


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