Tristan Shares His Thoughts

I love hearing my 16-year-old son, Tristan, talk about anything.   Since he has autism, his expressive language has varied over the years.  He has fluctuated between one word and two-word phrases.   He has sprinkled in a few sentences over the years.  Currently, he is non-verbal most of the time.

God made

Over the weekend I got a rare glimpse into his thought process.  He was getting ready for the day and he spontaneously blurted out, “God made McDonald’s!”  Wow!  I knew what was on his mind.  Tristan wanted to go through his entire McDonald’s order.  God made chicken nuggets.  God made french fries.  God made barbeque sauce.  God made chocolate milk.

I now know he listens to me when I talk to him.  Over the years I have tried to pour into him spiritually never knowing what he fully comprehends. I have to remember he is my forever toddler.  Therefore I focus on simple concepts and phrases.  Over the years I have said something like this, “God made the stars,  God made the sun, and God made Trisan, etc.”

Was he really grateful to God for all these items?  Or was he trying to let us know what he was hungry for?  That’s the mystery of living with Tristan!

How could we not take him to McDonald’s after this conversation?  He enjoyed every minute of his outing.

Enjoy the lighter side of autism from our home!

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