The Ultimate Strategy

I have never thought of this subject in great detail.  windowfall

The subject of windows.  Specifically how I can lose Tristan!  Windows are EVERYWHERE.  Luckily, our house windows are low to the ground. Yes, he has escaped through them a few times and he has not gotten hurt.  Finally, I took out all the screens.  I do not want any caregiver to open a window.  It is a challenge for him that he CAN master.  With an untrained person he WILL test the limits.

Thankfully, I have shared some of these stories with friends and family.

The other day I was reminded of another window situation.

About 4 years ago we went on vacation to Joni and Friends Family Retreat.  It was awesome!  Upon returning home late Saturday evening we had a situation.  Tristan was bothered by something, not sure what.  While Brian and I were unloading the car, Tristan went into his room to play.  He took a strong plastic toy and hit the window.  Crash!  We immediately went in his room to check on him.  Glass was everywhere.  This has never happened before.  We were tired, and really didn’t want to work on a project. We quickly cleaned up all the glass.  Then  we wasted no time in trying to figure out how to repair the window.  Usually one might simply cover the window with plastic and fix it in the morning when the lumber store opened but, that was not an option for us because Tristan could simply push through the plastic and escape.  We talked and measured.  We looked around for what we had.  We didn’t really have any scrap wood that would work.  We called the lumber stores.  They were all closed.  We kept thinking about what might fit that window.  I think at one point we both agreed anything we had would be better used for the window!  Finally we realized that the kitchen table was exactly the size of wood we needed!  BINGO!  Off came the legs of the table.  Brian anchored it in the window.  We were able to sleep knowing we would not lose Tristan.

I didn’t like that kitchen table anymore anyways!  Tristan accelerated the process of me getting a new one.  Another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Strategy

  1. That was very resourceful!
    It is wonderful you do not take chances and make sure the house is always properly secured for him.
    Good Job!!!


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