“Super Mickey, I Surrender!!!”

I surrendered. Super Mickey won this last match. He had me sitting outside, afraid to go inside our home. 

Apparently this mouse does not sleep during the day.   Tristan and I were finishing up a late lunch.  Out of the corner of my eye Super Mickey appeared in the living room.  He ran from the front door to under the shoe rack.  Then out he came.  I screamed, “EEEK!”  Tristan laughed!  This was not funny.

Out to the back yard we went.  My world has become much smaller. Currently I am not going in the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, or bathroom.  I am definitely not reaching my hand in any cabinet!  When I absolutely had to get something from a kitchen cabinet…I would knock loudly on the door to make sure our mouse didn’t appear and scare me.

I called Brian at work.  I said, “I have just seen the mouse.  I can not take this anymore!!!  I will be out in the backyard until you come home.”  Brian assured me it would be a few hours before he could come home.  I said, “Fine. I can wait.”

Tristan is difficult for me to manage solo in public places.  Therefore my home is the best place for me to take care of him.   So the backyard seemed like the best place for us to hide for a few hours.  Remember the mouse ran right by the shoe rack! I did not want to grab our shoes and leave the house.  I would have really been a mess if I accidentally touched Super Mickey in our shoes.

I warned Tristan not to go back in the house.  I told him there is a mouse in the house.  It didn’t matter .Tristan ran inside the house a few times.  I was not going to chase after him.  I decided I would deal with the fallout in a few hours.  That was a risk I was willing to take.  I confess at one point I was really thirsty.  So I asked Tristan to get me a pop!  He was happy to comply.  He didn’t seem to mind.  I was grateful for his courage to go in the house.

At last Brian arrived home with all sorts of items to trap a mouse.  The surrender was over.  Brian was sure to get this Super Mickey.

The next post will detail what happened next!

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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