48 Hours

We survived an exhausting 48 hours. clock face




Tristan was really out of sorts.  We got very  little sleep.  Most of the time he was inconsolable.  This was due to a change in medications–it was not going well.

EARLY Saturday morning he kept repeating, “Car ride. Car ride.”

Finally, I said, “Tristan I can’t keep my eyes open but Dad could give you a ride!”

My husband sat up in bed, “What did you just say?”

Oops! I was very sleep deprived.  Sorry.

Brian was gracious. We all got ready.  Then, we headed out to the car.  Soon after we got buckled….Tristan screams, “Home. Home.”

Brian said, “Buddy this was NOT our idea.”

We ventured out for a quick drive-thru trip.

Then another car trip.  This time Tristan communicated he wanted to see the dentist over and over.  I repeated the dentist office was closed.  He does not even like the dentist!

Then another trip.

Several hours later…

I knew this day was going from bad to worse when our teenager commented, “You guys have a lot of patience.”

I can’t remember the last time either of our teenage sons have noticed this before.

Thankfully we made it to the end of the day.

Sunday morning arrived. This Sunday morning Tristan woke up early again. I told myself, “If I survived yesterday, I could face today.”

Tristan’s mood seemed to be more content.  Then around 12 noon he became fussy and inconsolable.  This went on for hours.

By Sunday evening Tristan was becoming more agitated.  This resulted in a decision to call 911.  He was miserable.  I alerted our two teenage sons, “An ambulance is coming.  Tristan needs to go to the hospital.”

One answered, “Great.  I guess the whole block will wonder what is going on here.”  I gently assured both boys there is nothing to be embarrassed about this is what we need.  What I didn’t know is how many people would arrive at our home!  It felt like a dozen.  I admit I was a little overwhelmed/embarrassed.

Then Tristan did not want to ride in the ambulance.  It was decided we would all travel in a procession to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital the E MT’s would help escort Tristan into the hospital.  At this point the help was needed.  Then miraculously Tristan calmed right down!  Brian and I looked at each other and the hospital staff. He was so calm that it made it difficult to explain why we had to come.  Sigh.

I decided to should check on the older teens at home.  So I sent some text messages.

I shared with the teens that Tristan would be spending the night at the hospital.  Immediately I get a text message reply that says:

“Can I have Tristan’s Kit Kat’s?”

The next one:

“Can you pick me up some S Curl?”(a hair care product)

Followed by:

“What’s for dinner?”

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home to you!



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