Celebrating a First-Camping

I know this was a few months ago, but I think it is important to share our “first” moments with everyone.  Everyone might not realize how much these moments mean to us.  We can see how Tristan’s development progresses over time.  Enjoy another “first” from our home.

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In May, our family was invited to camp over the Memorial Day weekend.  We thought about it and decided it would be the perfect time to try this activity.  We used to go camping.  Brian and I enjoyed camping trips.   We realized early on having Tristan in our family meant giving up camping.  This activity was not safe due to Tristan’s history of elopement.  We had to way knowing we could keep him 100 percent safe in a tent, camper, or cabin.    Thankfully over the past two years, this behavior decreased.  At times I am amazed he has made growth in this area.  This escaping is almost gone.

We were invited by a family that knew our dilemma.  They realized a camping trip was going to be a new activity for Tristan.  They were providing almost everything for the weekend.  We had our backup plan in place.  I (Anne) would leave with Tristan if this were a total flop.  We drove two cars just in case we needed a quick exit.

Tristan lasted almost 24 hours on our camping trip!  I left a few hours before Brian and the boys.  This early exit with  Tristan time gave him time to tap a nap and unwind from his big adventure.  Also, Brian and the older sons time to relax with friends longer.  Tristan enjoyed the food cooked over the campfire.  He went on a long hike and walked very fast!  He walked so quickly that he missed seeing the baby turkeys.  Oh-well!  He enjoyed sleeping in the tent!

We can not wait to go camping again!  Each milestone is truly a gift.


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